Thursday, June 14, 2012

Makeover of a Saree

This is my Attige's (Sister in law) saree, plain Blue silk like saree with Golden border.

She wanted very flashy design for this saree. Though I don't like flashy , I had to go with her wish. So printed big circular motifs along the border.
Attached Kundans on the motifs and Golden color Chamkis on the body of the saree.
Near Pallu , printed the motifs all over the body and attached Chamkis and Kundans.Attached small Blue Brocade material border and lace along the saree border.
Closer View of the motif

The Pallu is enriched with  Kundan and Readymade motifs:
Brocade blouse to match with it:

I have sent it to my Attige and waiting for her response. :-). Hope she likes the makeover.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. good work...though it is a little flashy..It needs real patience to do this kind of work and a fine hand.

  2. I like the motif..BTW wats Attige??

  3. you have very well embellished the saree.damn sure that she will like it..i love the circular motif so it golden pearl liquid dye that you use for thismotif?

  4. I have some kundan left over from one of my artwork, this gives me an inspiration to use them on some clothing. Your attige definitely will appreciate your work and love the make over of her saree...

  5. lil flashy .. but excellent make over... a simple sari turned out into an elegant party wear...

  6. Thanks all.
    @Akshaya Borkar : Attige means Bhabhi (Sister-in-law)

  7. Wow!! What a lovely work!!! I'm sure your sis-in-law gonna love this... By the way here is something for you

  8. what a makeover !!!I am sure your Attige will simply love it !

  9. hey this is cool. I have a friend in Mumbai who does makeovers for various clothes for her shop "Colors of India." She may like this blogpost!

  10. This is supper cooooll dear..

  11. I love it!How did you print the circular motifs?

  12. wow... first time here... you have a unique space here... love n liked it very much...

  13. That was really BEAUTIFUL! I was already interested in screen printing and your works are really motivating..Great work Ranjana.



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