Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saree with Peacock Design in Glitter Painting

On this saree I've used Glitter painting. Attached an off Gold color lace on the border, used peacock shaped kundans and Peacock Design on the Pallu.
Closer view of the border:

Peacock shaped Kundan and extended the peacock feather design with Blue and Gold color glitter paints.

I liked the Peacock shaped Kundans. Aren't they pretty?
The pallu  with big Peacock Design

I  got this design from Screen printing class. Got it enlarged. It was really very tedious task to transfer the design.

Now, not able to decide on color of the blouse, Peacock blue or Off Gold? 

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. looking nice..
    peacock pattern is too good! is it available in market ????
    how did u transfer it ??? u traced it ???
    abt blouse i thnk off gold with peacock blue motifs ll go nice, my suggestion okie....:-)

  2. Hmm beautiful transformation. I'd do a golden with this work on the saree! Nice one Ranjana.

  3. So much effort Ranjana. Because it's a saree not a dress or single piece of cloth. I did once & tired. Haha.

    Lovely blog. Just a follower :)

  4. Beautiful work...I think golden blouse will look great....

  5. Thanks all...
    As you have suggested I will go with Golden blouse
    @Rajisaj: No its not available in market. I got it enlarged and traced the design on saree...very tedious task...

  6. Your hardwork paid Ranjana.
    Yes it is awesome.
    The pallu part is very beautiful. Go on with silver blose.

  7. It is pretty peacock, in blue.

    Very beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  8. Superb pallu ranjana... Try mild gold color blouse...:)

  9. This is gorgeous. So beautiful.

  10. superb work ranjana.
    i have one doubt plz help.
    my mesh gum become harderr. how can i loose it now? plz suggest a solution.


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