Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Amruteshwara Temple-Rich heritage of Karnataka(India)

Summer has started, few days , summer vacation will start for kids. Every year we go to our native place. Its really fun. So planning for this year also. That reminds me our trip to native place in the year 2010, we visited a beautiful temple near Tarikere.
We were travelling by car. We have a religious  driver,who is fond of visiting temples.Temples attract him as saree shops attract women :-). I think he must have seen most of the temples in South India. He is very enthusiastic to show the temples whichever he has visited to others also. Every-time before starting the trip, we warn him not to stop near any temple. In spite of our warning he stops near temples :-).
(I also like to visit temples, but ancient temples which represent our rich heritage. )As a result of his enthusiasm last time,we could visit Amrutheshwara temple. Amrutapura a small village is near Tarikere, which is situated 4 kms from the highway.

Route map- On Bangalore-Honavar Highway
Though the driver was telling about this temple, we said no to visit the temple . But the driver turned the vehicle to right near Tarikere. When we shouted at him, he said its only 4 kilometers. We were very angry, because if we stopped anywhere it would be late to reach our native place. But when I reached the temple my anger reduced little bit looking at the beautiful Dancing Ganesha sclupture near the entrance.
When we stepped in , looking at the beautiful temple   built in Hoysala Style (well maintianed by the Archaeological department)all our anger towards our driver vanished.  
The circular carvings on the ceiling are very attractive. 

I think the design can be used as embroidery design . :-) Let me try this out sometime.

Magnificently carved sculptures on the walls of the temple.

Complete story of Ramayana is carved around the temple walls in anti clockwise direction.Some of the sclupture depicting story of Ramayana
Crowning ceremony of Sugreeva 

Rama in the battlefield
 Not an inch is missed on the walls of the temple, everywhere the sculptures! This is really feast to eyes.
We thanked our driver , who made us to visit this place. This summer also while going to native place, I want to visit this temple. And I'm sure, already you have made your mind to visit this temple. Haven't you?

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

I could not post all the photos. Some of the photos you can view here.  And also if you want to know more about this temple here is the link:,_Amruthapura


  1. The carvings on these temples are truly noteworthy! :) Love them so much! :)

  2. Karnataka has loads of lost temples which people don't even visit nowadays, but they are rich in heritage and history.Keep exploring and writing Ranjana

  3. nice post..
    ah Ranjana Anita at artisticfingers is calling for Chikan work registrations, do check her blog and register hurry.

  4. Beautiful pictures,Ranjana.Now I need to find where Tarikere is.Thank you for this very new bit of info!!

  5. Thank you all. If possible do visit the temple.
    @Deepa, Tarikere is on Bangalore -Honavar highway, before Bhadravati


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