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Some variations in Kerala Kasavu sarees

I need not write anything about Kerala Kasavu sarees. Most of the saree loving women , own at least one Kerala Kasavu saree in their collection. This is also known as "Mundum Neriyathum". This is traditional saree of Kerala.Fine cotton handwoven sarees produced by weavers of Balarampuram near Tiruvantharam.

It has two pieces, Mundum  and Neriyattum, which is in white color or very light cream color.This has combination with Kasav( silk thread covered with gold or silver plated threads). In Raja Ravi Verma's paintings, the women he painted are mostly wearing Mundum Neriyattum.

Raja - Ravi Verma's painting- Woman wearing Kerala Kasavu saree
Image Courtesy-Pininterest

Variations in Kerala Kasavu saree

Though Kerala Kasavu sarees are beautiful, with elegant combination of white and gold, nowdays we can find many variations in Kerala Kasavu. The plain one looks very elegant and good option if anyone is planning to embroider or paint on a saree.

Plain Kerala Kasavu saree:
Kerala Kasuvu
Plain Kerala Kasavu saree

Kerala Kasavu with Screen Printing:

As I have written, Kerala Kasavu saree is perfect for embroidery or painting. I have used screen printing on one of my sarees. Here it is :
Kerala Kasuvu
Kerala Kasuvu saree with screen printing
This one is Kerala Kasavu , with embroidery:
Kerala Kasuvu
Kerala Kasavu saree with embroidery

Kerala Kasavu saree with colored threads and motifs

Weavers also coming up with many designs. To make the borer and Pallu look little colorful, nowadays color silk threads are also used with golden color threads. Here are some variations with color threads:
Kerala Kasuvu
Kerala Kasavu with motifs

Kerala Kasuvu
Kerala Kasavu with motifs

Nowadays, Kerala Kasavu with Kerala Mural painting is in trend. I'm planning to paint a Kerala Mural on a saree. Soon share about Kerala Mural in coming posts.

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