Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Quick way to design a saree with a lace

Saree can be designed with many techniques like hand embroidery, machine embroidery, painting, printing. I have tried these techniques to design saree for my customers. The easiest way I found is screen printing the saree. It is quick also. Though hand painting, hand embroidery and machine embroidery make the saree look very elegant, these techniques are time consuming.

Another easiest and quickest way to design saree is attaching the lace/border to saree.

Nowadays different kinds of saree laces are available in the  market. I designed this saree using one such lace. The client wanted very simple  , party wear  saree. I got the material dyed with two colors  in the shop.
As she wanted very simple and I selected thin lace in antique gold matching both the colors. Here it is:
Within an hour I attached the lace long the border of the saree. And the saree in ready! 
The designed saree on Chammak Challo
 I have designed a blouse in raw silk which is in border color. My client is very happy to see this. Hope you also liked.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Wow Ranjana, This is one smart idea. There are so many possibilities. You are brilliant :)

  2. interesting :)

  3. Made to look new! Cool idea!

  4. Very very beautiful. neat and elegant.

  5. Yes, a simple lace has added to the charm of the saree.

    1. Ya, and there are so many types of laces available nowadays

  6. I just adore Sarees, make women look elegant...and you've added to the charm!

  7. Easy and simple. The sari looks beautiful. The lace matches it perfectly. Great job as usual.


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