Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saree design- with Kalamkari border

I never get satisfied with designing saree or dresses with Kalamkari designs. From my collection of patches I had designed a  saree with Kalamkari patches. Nowadays there are many colorful Kalamkari borders  available in market. With one such border , I had designed a black saree which I gifted to my sister in law.
This saree I have designed again with similar border, but in red color.

Here it is:
Saree with kalamkari border
Saree with Kalamkari border
While designing a saree, the color combination becomes very important. I had the red color Kalamkari border. I avoided a bright zari and chose an antique look blue silk. And a zari cloth for the border.
Here are the cloths I chose, blue silk cloth with circular motif, border ,red silk for blouse and zari cloth:
Saree with kalamkari border
Cloths used for designing saree
Saree with kalamkari border
Zari cloth strips
Attached Zari border first, the red color cloth strip and The Kalamkari Border. Another side of the Kalamkari border attached another lace. This highlights the Kalamkari border.
Here is the closer view:
Saree with kalamkari border
Closer view- Kalamkari border
As the border is very wide, I used it on only one side of the saree.

Red color border goes well with blue color cloth. Hope you too liked the color combination. :)
Designing another saree with Kalamkari border, without any zari. Will share about the same in the next post.

Until then,  
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. that is interesting :)

  2. Lovely. It's a mystery to me how saris stay in place, but they look beautiful.

  3. Kalamkari is an amazing art form and you a highly talented designer..the result is an awesome creation:) Great work, Ranjana:)

  4. Beautiful Sarcee, the kalamkari border is equisite! It's a stunner !

  5. The colour combination is great. Blue and red are one of the traditional combinations. My moms sari she wore at the time of marriage was blue and red one.I love your sari. As you said the zari border enhanced the beauty. great work

  6. I like it without zari. This one is for occasions. Kudos to your hard work and creativity.

  7. Very nice. Creative one. Color combo is good.

  8. You have magic in your hands or what?!!!
    Such beautiful work!

  9. It is very lovely.You are very much talented.God bless you.


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