Friday, May 6, 2016

Peacock design - woodwork

I have already shared about peacock designs using many media.Some of those are Screen printing peacock design on saree , Peacock design in ancient temple as well as peacock design in contemporary art  .
Last week shared about peacock design using batik painting .

In this post sharing a peacock design carved on wood. This is wooden craft practiced in Chittoor of Andrapradesh.  
Here it is :
Though both looks similar, you can notice the difference in design of the feather.

Normally usage of paint is minimal in wooden craft practiced in western parts of India. But in eastern and northern part of India, wooden craftsmen use very bright colors.

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  1. Yeah, one is more intricate. I didn't know the difference in style across regions. I personally like detailed and colorful art. How about you?


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