Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kalamakari border- on Chanderi silk

Often this happens with me. Once I pick up one craft or art, I will make 3-4 projects in that particular craft/ art continuously. Like if I pick up decoupage, for 4-5 days I will be making projects in decoupage etc. One way it is good, I can complete the many projects , but cons are I cannot practise other kinds of arts and crafts in that time. This is what happening, designed 2 sarees one after the other , that too with Kalamkari border :)
Last week I had posted saree designed for myself with Kalamkari border

Here is the saree I have designed for a customer:
Kalamkari border
Chanderi silk with Kalamkari border
 This is an order from one of my customers. She wanted Kalamkari border on pink color saree. The choice of cloth and the border she had left to me. I chose Chanderi Silk in pink,
Kalamkari border
The Chanderi silk cotton I have chosen
and  Kalamkari print border, in peacock design.
Kalamkari border
The Kalamkari print border
  Attached the border on sides of the saree, using sewing machine.
Kalamkari border
Sewing Kalamkari Border
Just attaching the border on saree is very easy and takes very less time. She didn't want any zari or extra border for the saree, it took hardly 1 hour to complete this saree.
To design a blouse I picked up raw silk with stripes on it, in contrast color.Hope it looks good with the blouse I have chosen:
Kalamkari border
With Matching blouse in Raw silk
The customer is very happy with this. Please share your opinions too.

Working on some Kutch work designs for saree as well as Kurtis. Will share more about those in coming posts.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. It's superb. No wonder your customer liked it. About making 3-4 pieces of same art, I guess once you like an art form you want to continue it. We enjoy it too. I behave the same when I try a new recipe.

  2. much hard work and so beautiful and creative...hats off lady :)

  3. This one is looking so lovely Ranjana. I like the colour combination of the border and the Sari

  4. superb, I liked it so much......

  5. The combination is good.
    I am in love with your Kalamkari work!!!


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