Monday, January 18, 2016

Paintings of Buddha- at Chitrasante 2016

I have shared about my visit to Chitrasante-2016. There were lakhs of paintings made using different media, and different canvas. I could see many paintings of Buddha. Captured some of them in my camera, sharing those with you.
 This painting of Buddha in meditation posture , on lotus.
Buddha painting
Painting of Buddha sitting on Lotus.
 Another painting of meditating Buddha:
Buddha painting
Painting of Buddha in meditation
 This one is only Buddha face , with texture all over the canvas and hair. The usage of different colors on face is very unique and attractive.
Buddha painting
Painting of face of Buddha, shaded with different colors
 This one is also with texture all over canvas
 These are also paintings of Buddha face.
 This is with stone texture all over the painting :
Buddha painting
Painting of Buddha face with texture
This has Buddha face on background and a young Buddhist monk, very interesting!
Every artist imagines and puts the thought and imagination on the canvas. I wanted to ask the artists of these paintings about the thought / imagination behind each painting. But could not, as there were lakhs of visitors and the artists were busy selling the paintings.

Do share your imagination/thoughts about these paintings. :)

Between, I also happened to come across some amazing Buddha paintings on Artzolo. Definitely worth a check.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. The one with stone texture is great. Artists take liberty with their work so we can use our own imagination too!
    I did an analysis on this and shared a post tilted 'understating abstract art' long back...if you google with my name, you can find it!

  2. My favorite subject is Buddha. I particularly emphasize his smile, the serenity that the peaceful face emits...beautiful paintings!!

  3. The last two are fabulous. Thanks for bringing glimpses of chitrasanthe here. I feel so sad for not visiting.

  4. All paintings are beautiful! I specially liked the last one , with the child and the blooming lotus ... Thank-you for sharing Ranjana as I missed the sante third year in a row:/

  5. wow...all pictures are unique...each and every one is beautiful...thanks for sharing..

  6. I love each of them. Even I wanted to know what they think and what is behind each canvas. You should paint one too.

  7. They're all amazing..thanks for sharing:)

  8. They all look beautiful, Ranjana. The one with multiple-colors on the face looks the best.

  9. Oh so wonderfully beautiful..thank you for sharing, Ranjana:)

  10. Such variety...each one is so beautiful! The hues, the texture, the designs...they are all so Great!


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