Monday, November 17, 2014

Banjara Embroidery- unique combination of patchwork, mirror work with embroidery

When it comes to craft, my favorite is always embroidery, hand or machine embroidery. I really love the way the threads fills the cloth with the colors. Nowadays , because of time constraints not able to work on any of my embroidery projects. Especially hand embroidery requires lot of time and patience.Sometimes its very tedious, and if the threads knot with one another,Uff! it really makes one to loose patience . So I wonder when I see the hand embroidery made on the entire  cloth or dress. One such , embroidery is Banjara embroidery. Here is a bag with Banjara Embroidery:
Banjara embroidery
Banjara embroidery is very fine embroidery  combined with patchwork, applique work and mirror work. And also the work is decorated by cowrie shells. Here is the closer look :
This is made by  artist  Late . Smt. Manjula,I have  written about her in   my   posts ,
3rd anniversary of my blog
Cute... cuter....cutest dolls .  
Lets enter the world of craft- Wire handbags made by Smt. Manjula
 Banjara embroidery is traditional embroideries by semi-nomadic community called Banjara or Lambani.  In earlier days women of Banjara community used to wear these kind of heavily embroidered costumes:
The top(Blouse)

 Embroidered Long Skirt:
Banjara embroidery
And the veil :
Banjara embroidery
Late Smt.Manjula with the costume she embroidered.
In Banjara Embroidery , majorly used stitches are Chain stitch, herringbone stitch , cross stitch, chevron stitch and mirror work.  Below image shows the different embroideries: 
 Embellishments made of silver and gold were used in earlier days,now the fancy artificial embellishments are used. Here the embroidery with silver color embellishments:
Embroidered waist belt with mirror work :
   One more specialty of Banjara Embroidery is, the cowrie shells are used to decorate the embroidery, like this one:
All the above works are made by Late. Smt. Manjula. She was an expert in almost all arts and crafts. Here is a cute doll decorated with Banjara costume, by her:
 Banjara embroidery is very colorful embroidery combined with mirror work, patchwork and embellishments. Now many Banjara women are using this embroidery on different kinds of products for sale. This is also supported by Government organizations too.
Planning to design a dress or saree with Banjara embroidery. Hope I will complete that soon and share with you.
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Art work so unique that it has a flavor of its own, thank-you for sharing.

  2. Such attractive stuff. That's a lot of work!!

  3. Beautiful hand work . I hope this flourishes.
    Lovely shots.


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