Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hampi Stone Chariot in Bangalore!

I had planned to post about Bidri work. In between visited a craft fest , held at Chitrakala Parishat.
I saw replica of the  famous Hampi Stone Chariot there. Could not wait sharing with you.

Have a look :
This is made of cardboard and plaster of Paris. The side view
Hampi is one of my dream destinations. Since years I've been wishing to visit that place, but somehow could not. Hope to visit Hampi soon. If you have visited Hampi, then you can judge whether this replica is perfect or not. 

In the next post definitely share about Bidri work.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Very good replica. gearing up for the festival?

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

  2. Oh, Hampi is my dream destination too..Have heard so much about this place! The pics are beautiful, so are the carvings...awesome!
    Thanks Ranjana for sharing...

  3. Wow really beautiful ! if this is a replica then the origional must be even more wonderful. Adding Hampi to my travel wishlist too. Keep these beautiful blog posts comming. Love reading about all your posts !


  4. Well it is not very close but very good work!

  5. Nice replica. Hope you make it to Hampi soon. Yuo should visit Aihole,Pattadakal & Badami during this trip as these are all nearby and architectural marvels.

  6. The artwork looks wonderful! The detailing is what really catches my eye. Thanks for sharing it, Ranjana :) Btw, Hampi has been one place that has been on my checklist too for quite a while now. Hope we both get to make it there sometime soon :)

  7. i have heard about this many times..thanks for the pics..

  8. sorry i thought its only read that its a replica..too good..

  9. This Blog was most helpful, your ideas are straight to the point, and the colors are cool too.

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