Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog awards

From past few months , I'm receiving many blog awards.
Thank you all for considering my blog for the awards.
The award list goes here:

Versatile blogger award

I received this award from
Usha Srikumar,Mahalakshmi ,Nagini and from Leela Govind
Here are the awards:

Different images, but I hope both means the same. :-)
As a rule I have to pass to fellow bloggers.
Passing it to (don't consider order :-))
Discover Lifestyle
Crafts Island
Viji's craft
Miss Crafty
Creative Patterns 
A colorful Butterfly

Liebster award

Next award is Liebster award, recieved from Rajeshwari. I love her cute blog Diaper Mum. Thank you Rajeshwari.

Passing it to the following bloggers:
Ina , blog : Let's learn embroidery . I like all her embroideries , especially Peacock embroidery.
Abhinav, blog : Rhythm of nature. Here the photos of nature are awesome. I will use some for my embroidery designs (Of course with his permission :-))
Seema Burde , blog : ಒಡಲಿನ ಬೆಂಕಿ (Kannada blog) Love the poems written by her in Kannada.
Nagini , blog : A homemaker's utopia , her paintings are beautiful.
RajiSaj , blog : Thread with me  . Appreciate her creativity in embroidery and fabric painting.
Sndhya , blog : Sandvicrochet: The crochet patterns created by her beautiful.
Mahalkshmi , blog : Maha Arts & Crafts , She is good in all kinds of arts and crafts.

Awesome Blogger award

And Awesome Blogger award:
This is presented by Aswini ( Tales of a Wandering Mind)

Thank you Ashwini.
All the bloggers are awesome , but this can be presented to only 10 bloggers :(.
 I'm presenting this award to :
Tangy Tomato Twist : I enjoy the short stories in this blog.
Rambling Musings  : I never miss any post from this blog. I love the way Mr.R.Ramkrishanan writes about life, his travel experience and current affairs. His posts about travel experience virtually takes you to the place.
Safarnaama सफरनामा : This is another blog, from which I don't miss any posts. I like the Hindi peoms written by Amit. (Though for me ,its somewhat difficult to read and understand Hindi :-))
Creative Mind : Oh! Khadija is truly creative! 
Unveil the Other Side : Like short stories written by Aswini. Love her posts written in Kannada.
Sangry words:  I think most of the bloggers know about her. I can say, her posts are "Cute".
WHATEVR iT TAKES :  I need not tell anything about Deepak and his blog :-), all the bloggers know him :-)
Usha Srikumar's Musings : I adore her art. Usha creates magnificent paintings in Tanjore and Kerala Mural styles.
Summers Of India :  Summers Of India : Love the way Ms.Sharma narrates her experience and experiments with arts and crafts.Her blog takes you to an enchanting world of arts, crafts, fashion, temples, rangoli, embroidery and many more. 
Cards, Crafts and Kids Project : Though by profession a doctor , Dr. Sonia takes to world of craft through this blog. I love the beautiful cards created by Dr.Sonia.

Oh forgot! As a process of accepting the award I should share 7 random things about me:

1. I beg for chocolates from my son. And love the way he says "No".
2. I love beaches. I think Bangalore should have a beach. In fact every place on this earth should have a beach.
3.I watch lots of movies, in any language. Though I don't understand most of the languages.
4. Most of the time I'll be lost in my own world, which my son hates.
5. I laugh a lot ,  too loudly, which my mother doesn't like :-)
6. I love to watch Saas - Bahu daily soaps with my  sweet Saas (Mom in law) :-)
7. Last , I've a big doubt whether I deserve these blogger awards. What do you say?

Oops! I missed to mention the process of  accepting the award!. To accept the award you have to:
1. Write a post about this award, mentioning about the blogger(That's me in this case!) who presented this award.
2. Write 7 random things about you in the same post.
3. Present this award to 7-10 fellow bloggers.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. That was soooo cute post :)
    it's 4 AM :)
    am gong to sleep with a super smile...
    thanks ji :)

  2. Thanks Ranjana for the Versatile Blogger award. Just wondering abt how I can show the award on my blog and pass it on to other bloggers?

  3. Congragulations for receiving such nice awards dear. And Thankyou very much for passing it to me.
    I will make a note in my blog.

  4. Congrats, you deserve it :) :) :)

  5. Dear Ranjana
    Congratulations and best wishes on getting so many awards. You truly deserve these.
    Thanks for giving me an award too. I am glad you like my blog.
    Best Wishes & Warm Regards.

  6. Congratulations dear..:-)Thanks a lot for considering me worthy..:-)
    I'm speechless..You really made my day..:-)

  7. Ranjana,
    Congrats on receiving so many awards...
    a and thanx for passing on
    The Awesome Blogger Award to me :)))
    I shall post it in my blog soon...

  8. Congratulations and Thank you. Will soon write a post......

  9. Hey first - Congratulations!! and Second - Thanks a lot for the awesome bloggers award. Its been a while since I've recieved an award and so this brings happiness.

  10. Congratulations on the shower of awards!! Well deserved!!

  11. Congratulations Ranjana. Wish you many more such nice feathers in your cap.

    Happy to follow you.

    I invite you to my hobby lounge

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

  12. congrats for the loads of awards !!! well deserved ! and thank u very much for passing it on to me :) made my day !!!!

  13. Congratulations and nice choices there.

  14. Hearty Congrats Ranjana:) and thanks a lot for passing it on to me:)

  15. Congrats for the award & Thanks dear for writing sweetness here by giving it to me as well:) so nice of you..

  16. wow! That's a great news, Ranjana:)0 Heart Congratulations!!

  17. Very cute, hugs to your son :)

  18. Congrats dear Ranjana for all the much deserved awards :)

  19. Congrats Ranjana! And thank you so much for honouring me also. I am very happy that you liked my blog :)

  20. Many many congratulations Ranjana for the awards. You have a really wonderful blog and I love your craft works. Also was wonderful reading those 7 random things about you.

  21. Congrats Ranjana.
    I think I need an entire month to go through all your lovely posts.
    It is awesome and truly you deserve these awards dear.

  22. deserve all those awards, Ranjana..:00 Congratulations...

  23. dear Ranjana
    Hearty congratulations….
    And thank you for the award….
    So sweet of you

  24. I'm late to comment!Thanks so much for this award.I'm really honoured.

  25. Though I am late in wishing you..I am very happy to see all the accolades you have got for blogging..Congradulation!


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