Monday, April 2, 2012

Machine Embroidery work on Satin cloth

My first teacher for sewing is my mother. She had USHA sewing machine. Now also she has that sewing machine which is 50 years old, still in good condition. When I learnt hand embroidery, I always thought, machine embroidery would be faster. But I didn't have the embroidery machine. My dream of having an embroidery machine came true, on the first Deepavali after my marriage. Shankar gave me Usha Janome Machine as Deepavali gift. I've used it a lot, to stitch, for embroidery, to make quilts etc. After 12 years also its still in good condition. 

Today while remembering about the embroidery machine, remembered the works made using the machine. One is Satin bed spread, on which I embroidered using my machine. 

4 motifs on the corners and joined by vine design. The design was not copied from any book . I drew it myself and transferred on to the cloth using tracing paper. I had lots of patience  :-)
The motifs: 
Closer view

I didn't have practise, so its not perfect. Whatever, operating of the machine is very easy and stitches also come out very smooth. I started loving machine embroidery. I made many projects using this machine. Most of them are not with me now :-(.
A year back, bought a heavy duty embroidery machine. Now I'm using the same for all machine embroidery works. Completed the Kalamkari patch work on a saree using the same machine(At last :-)) 
So next post , I will share about the Kalamakari patch work,

Until then,

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


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