Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kawad-Amazing small wooden temple

Few months back, I had visited a craft-fest, where artists from different parts of India, exhibited their works. I saw very interesting piece of work. Here it is

Can you guess, what is this? This is a small wooden temple. Very interesting , isn't it? When I asked the artist , he told me , "Its name is Kawad". It has hinged panels, on each side of the panel, pictures of the great Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharatha, are painted. This is a craft type in Rajasthan. And in earlier days this was used to narrate stories, by professional story tellers.

You can  see , how the pictures are painted on Kawad:
The  door is painted with pictures of Door keepers (Dwarapalaka). Once the door is opened you can see, pictures of  two devotees painted. And inside painting of Shri Vishnu.

The hinged panels can be opened, which are painted with pictures of Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

Most Kawads follow the same general format, panles painted with pictures narrating the Ramayana on the left panels and scenes of life of Krishna on the right.

The story teller opens them in sequence with narration of story.If all the panels are opened, the Kawad looks like a colorful painting.
Inside again the door is painted with pictures of priests. Once the last door is opened, idols of deities can be seen( Shri Rama, Laxmana and Seeta). Here it is:
The top view and side view of Kawad :

There were many Kawads displayed. I bought a small one :

The artisan explained me about all the facts about Kawad. He was very happy , hearing my appreciations. His happiness captured :

He also told me one more fact , this craft is slowly vanishing. This made me very sad. Most forms of arts and crafts are vanishing in India and no effort is made to preserve that.

In my next post, share about the wooden carvings in a temple I visited,

Until then,

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  1. First time hearing about this art - KAWAD. It reminds me of channapatna dolls. Thanks for introducing me to this new form of art. Hope India tries its best to keep all these vanishing art pieces still alive and going.

  2. This is the first time I am hearing about this art form...happy to have bumped into your blog..thanks so much for posting.


  3. WOW it is so interesting . So nice of you to feature it!

    Thank You for the sweet comment on my blog


  4. This is lovely art work. Very cute as well. But I am sure it would have required so much of effort. I have seen this but didn't know the name. :) Very pretty.

  5. Lovely piece of art. Makes me want to buy one too..Can you tell me where you purchased this from. Would love to have one piece and also promote this art.

  6. Udbhav loved the wooden temple. Thanks for sharing us this lovely piece of art. Good effort by you to introduce new and interesting aspects of art.

  7. First time here. The Kawad is wonderful work of art.Very bright & colorful paintings. In which city is this place you visited?

  8. Thank you all...
    @Rajeshwari : this was purchased in a craft fest in Chitrakala Parishat
    @Priya : Felt happy knowing Udbhav liked this.
    @R.Ramakrishnan : In Bangalore

  9. Ranjana, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Your blog is wonderful. really talented.


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