Sunday, March 25, 2012

Introducing a Cute little artist this time

Introducing one more artist in this post. Few days ago when I visited her house at 9 AM, she was still on her bed , in deep sleep. I thought she was ill, so sleeping. When I asked her mother, she told till late night she was busy drawing and painting. I was curious to see her drawings and paintings. Her mother gave me 25-30 drawings and paintings. I was surprised to see her drawings, paintings and crafts, because I never knew that she drew so nicely. 

Few are here:
Horse rider
Bird's nest
Girls waiting at bus stop

Mehandi designs 

Drawings about different  subjects and themes. By this time you must be curious to know about the artist.  Here she is , my cute little niece "Samartha"  

 As beautiful as her drawings!.  
This is her self portrait:-)

Some more drawings are here: Her Favourite Cartoon Character Shin Chan
Her Ajja and Ajji(Grand father and Grand mother)

I was happy to see my parents so young.:-)
Dress design sketches. She is interested in dress design too :-)
Not only in drawing , she is good in crafts also:
                                             Lion , elephant paper dolls
 Spider doll

Disney Princess 

Many more like these. The below one is very interesting, painting of the Sun with long beard.
I asked her , why she had drawn the beard to the Sun in this painting. She answered "The Sun has become very old and he doesn't shave at all " . What an imagination !:-)

By seeing her paintings and crafts , I thought, "Is it inheritance ?" (You can read another post about Inheritance here). Yes it is inheritance :-).

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. wonderful work!!
    samartha sure has a bright future!!

  2. She is a sweet little princess.All the best for her works :)

    village girl

  3. An artist under making...keep it up little girl..:-) Great work..:-)

  4. Smart Samartha...
    May the good God shower all his blessings on her ....
    be proud to be her aunty Ranjana...

  5. Amazing talent. Wishing her to enjoy this creativity for ever.

  6. What a talent :). Just awesome :D.
    I loved the drawings and crafts ;D.
    Her imagination is too good :). I like the picture of sun with the beard :D Its too good :).

    Ps. Can you please remove the WORD VERIFICATION? You have enabled the moderation na.

  7. How sweet, what a smart artist.very well..

  8. Cutey cute !! <3 <3
    God bless!:)
    P.S : I want more pics ! :D

  9. nice art exhibition ! she is very talented !!!

  10. Thanks all...I have conveyed your wishes and blessings to Samartha

  11. Ranjana, she is indeed a very good artist. Her creative mind and an imaginary thoughts. She is definite to be a great fashion designer. Nice post. Convey my best wishes to the little one. May she grow exponentially in this field of art.Muaah!

  12. What a talent....!!! I like her paper dolls very much...:)


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