Saturday, December 10, 2016

Surpur miniature paintings- extinct art of Karnataka

I was aware of Rajasthan miniature paintings and Mysore miniature painting. Recently in an exhibition I came to know about another finest art of Karnataka - Surpur miniature paintings. I met an artist, who is practising painting forms , influenced by Surpur miniature.
No doubt, Surpur miniature is one of the finest art contribution from Karnataka, but it is disappearing. The artists who have learnt Surpur miniature art are shifting to other forms.Government arts academy are not supporting enough to keep the art form alive.

Here are some paintings which are influenced by Surpur miniature paintings. I could not collect enough information from the artist, as he was busy in attending the customers. 

The above paintings are by Artist Krishna Vasant. You can view his works here:

Surpur miniature art was practised in Yadgir district of Karnataka.The artists have migrated from Andhra Pradesh. It flourished during the period of ruler Raja Venkatappa Naik. I don't have any pictures of original Surpur miniature painting :( . It is really sad that nothing is made to support this art form.
Original Surpur miniature is found in Salarjung Museum of Hyderabad. Hope this art form will  flourish again.

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  1. Such intricate patterns and images done so beautifully... Thankyou for the share, Ranjana!

  2. We visited a miniature painter in Rajasthan who made beautiful paintings with amazing detail. He wrote our names on grains of rice with a brush with only one hair. You need a magnifying glass to see them, and they are absolutely perfect.

  3. Brilliant paintings! Love the detailing.I hope this art form doesn't fade away. :(

  4. Government should do something to keep the art form alive. It's very intricate. Kudos to the talent. I hope artists make enough money through sale.


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