Thursday, April 14, 2016

Decoupage Box- Antique look

Recently worked on many decoupage projects. I feel among all the crafts, decoupage is less time consuming and gives magical transformation. In the process of decorating my craft room, I'm making many handmade items . I have already shared about the craft table made,  and the shelf transformed with decoupage.  This is one more decoupage box to decorate my craft room.I have used antique look paper with miniature painting.
Here is it with my craft supplies:
Decoupage box
Box with my craft supplies

How to make decoupage box with antique look(Tutorial)

This is a wooden box, which I got it made by a carpenter. The first step is to paint with primer.

Decoupage box
First paint with primer

 I have some miniature paintings replicas , which I had got when I had visited Salar jung museum , Hyderabad. Attached it on one side of the box.
Decoupage box
Miniature paint attached
To give antique look, I selected a paper with antique look. Attached it on all the sides of the box.
This time I used Modpodge for the decoupage. I felt it was very easy to handle and the finishing was very nice.
Decoupage box
With antique paper attached

Here is the box completed:
Decoupage box
Completed box

Inside also painted with brown color and outside with a modpodge. It looks like antique box. Hope to complete many more projects in coming days. Will definitely share with you all.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


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