Saturday, October 24, 2015

Customized card making

Its already years I made cards. Few years back I had made quilled cards for teacher's day because of my son's demand. Recently inspired by many card makers, again getting back to card making. I had the occasion too.
In our custom, when a baby starts walking , and the baby crosses the main door of the house, we celebrate it . In Kannada its called "Door crossing ceremony"(ಹೊಸಲು ತುಳಿಯುವುದು). One of my friends had invited me to the ceremony. She has twin babies. So I decided to make a card to wish them. I chose yellow handmade paper, to show the brightness.

And made a door with ice cram stick, in the shape of door. Attached the shape of feet using punchcraft.

Painted the door with wood color, acrylic paint

 As it was the ceremony for twin babies , glued two small baby punchcrafts and some embellishments which I had bought.
Outside glued some punch craft flowers and pearl embellishments.
I made this card to conceptualize my wish to the babies, "You are coming out of the house first time crossing thr door.Let your path be filled with flowers wherever you go".
I'm slowly getting back to paper-craft . Hope to make some more cards.Surely share all my expiriences with you all,

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. So so creative! You are amazingly talented Ranjana!
    And the card is so rich with meaning.

  2. Very innovative and beautiful cards.

  3. Such a sweet gesture. And that door is so cute.
    Look at that torana and all! Nice, Ranjana. :)

  4. That card is TOO cute! and that's a lovely reason for a celebration.

  5. So Beautiful , Thanks for sharing

  6. Lovely card... Ranjana... What a lovely idea...thumbs up...

  7. So cute and creative.

    "Door crossing ceremony" first time we are hearing about the ceremony.

    "You are coming out of the house first time crossing thr door.Let your path be filled with flowers wherever you go"----Lovely and excellent concept Ranjana.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  8. That is a lovely message in your card Ranjana. I have never heard of the door crossing tradition. It is a wonderful thing to celebrate!


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