Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Krishna Idol in different costumes

Shri Krishna - considered as great politician, management Guru, philosopher who preached the "Bhagvadgeeta" to the world through Arjuna,  lover of Radha,.... Among all the Hindu mythological personalities, I like Krishna the most.
Krishna Janmashtami- the day when the birth of Krishna is celebrated by Hindus. This brings me the memories of  my visit to Brindavan, the land of Radha Krishna. I was mesmerized by  the temple, beutiful idols of Radha Krishna and of course the tasty Lassi :-).  While returning, I could see many shops selling many idols of Krishna. The one attracted me most is this one :
Very attractive ! I could see many beautiful costumes there, which were in different colors. When I asked the shop keeper , he explained me that , in Brindavan , it is a tradition to decorate the idol with different costumes and worship it on Krishna Janmashtami. .
Even I bought one more costume for my Krishna idol :-)Here it is:
Krishna Janmashtami, Brindavan
You can see that cute crown. And on the occasion of  Krishna Janamshtami, I wanted to see my Krishna idol in red costume , 
Krishna Janmashtami, Brindavan
Krishna Janmashtami, Brindavan

Isn't it artistic way to worship Krishna?

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Ranjana,
    Your Kanha is looking gorgeous!!♥ His dresses are always so attractive.I have a similar deity at home. It's been with me for ages now!!
    Happy Birthday to little Krishna.:)
    May Lord Krishna Showers All His Blessing on you and your family!

  2. Such a wonderful and beautiful way to show your devotion! Happy Janamashtami to you and your family..!

  3. Lovely ! I too have krishna puja at home which is being done everyday since the last five generations in my family and everyday when I change the shringaar , the idol looks different ! The shringaar offered to the lord are based on the season , tithi ( the day and date as well as festival ) all 365 days .

  4. Thanks for the captivating and colorful images of Krishna in resplendent costumes !

  5. And Wishing you Happy Janmasthami ! Cheedai, Appam & Then Kuzhal are under preparation at home !

  6. Simply Awesome....Wishing you a very Happy Janmashtami..

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  8. yes the same krishna with me only difference is black coating..i had not

    yes the same krishna with me only the difference is black coating..once i had noticed smt. prema pandurangaji's cute black krishna idol and since then i had been hunting for the same..finally i owned one..:)..i much loved your krishnas peacock feather dress a good matching with the crown as well..:)



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