Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Somanathpura Temple-Carved ornaments in Hoysala Architecture

After another break back to blogosphere. Whenever I take break from blogging, I come back with a decision, that I should not take a break again. But somehow not able to keep it. This time decided, at-least weekly once update my blog with post about my works in arts and crafts, and interesting information about arts and crafts.
OK, this time taking you to see the intricate design of ornaments carved on each idols of Somanathpura temple. Somanathpura Channkeshwara Temple is in Mysore district.This is built in Hoysala Architecture. You can read about Somanathapura temple here. I have visited this temple twice and also shared about the unique Laxmi sclupture  in one of the posts. To really understand the architecture and sculpture I feel , at-least 3-4 visits are required.

                                  Channakeshwara Temple- Somanathapura

The Hoysala Architecture of building temple is very interesting. You can read about Hoysala Architecture here.
I loved the intricate ornaments(obvious for a woman to get attracted towards jewels, whether its on sclupture on another woman :-)) carving on  the sculpture.
Closer view of the ornaments such as  pendants, necklaces, waistbands etc.

 Who will not be mesmerized by them? So ladies reading this post , aren't the designs very tempting? So you can plan to order the jeweleries with same design :-)

Soon share about some more sculptures and temples I visited. And sure will share about my works in arts and crafts also.

Until then
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. This is really a breaking news that you have come back to blogosphere. Interesting post indeed! It is not just women who get tempted by the design. Hope to have more such informative articles.

    1. Thank you so much Sibi. And now onwards no break from blogging.

  2. You have captured the details beautifully.

  3. Hi Ranjana, I so do love to read your blog. I really take time and enjoy, You bring back fond memories of my childhood when I visited these places. The ornaments are so intricate and beautiful. The first picture is perfect. I think temples tell a different story when you visit them at different periods of your life.

  4. Beautiful temple.
    Such a magical place.
    Big hugs =)


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