Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another model of forest made by a creative Mom

I often receive mails from some readers, asking guidance about craft work.   Similar mail I had received from Meghna. She had read my post on  Model made for an exhibition in School .  She had to make a thick forest model for her son's science project .She had asked about how to make the mountains,  and I had replied her with instructions to make the mountain model. After that I had forgotten about that. Few days back I received a mail from Meghna with the photos of the thick forest model she made.
 I thought it might be helpful to other moms also if they get similar projects. With Meghna's permission I'm sharing the photos of the model.
The model has come out really nice, it reflects a mother's dedication. 
You will also agree with me seeing the below photos of the model. 

 Closer view

 Here are the instructions I shared with Meghna to make mountains:

For making mountains, use waste cloth. 
Here are the steps:
  1.  Take the thermocol as base.
  2. Pierce some long and short sticks , keeping some distance between them.
  3. Cover the sticks with cloth.
  4.  Then apply thin paste of Plaster of Paris
  5.  Color that with brown and green color
  6. On that, you can place some small trees.
 Another method :
  1.  Make small pieces of thermocal
  2.  Place them in a form of heaps.
  3.   Cover them with paste of plaster of Paris. Then color it.
Sharing it through this post, it might be helpful to some other mom to make school projects.

Recently learnt, imitation jewelry making. Share about the same in the next post.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. WOW its a masterpiece indeed...Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Very creative. Good work.

    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

  3. I'm just wondering how much time this model required to get completed.. hats off to the patience meter.... Worth doing...

  4. Thanks Ranjana for sharing my creation on your blog.
    My son's teachers, friends and their parents appreciated the model a lot. Many wanted to know recipe for making mountain and I asked them to visit your blog:-)

    It took about a week to complete it. I was not so entusiastic when I started it, but as it started taking shape, got newer ideas to make it better.

    1. Can you please tell me how to make trees. which material should be used for that

  5. Great work! 'Forests' have wonderful originality!

  6. awesome ! and thanks for sharing the way to do it !

  7. are so creative, Ranjana. The model looks amazing. Thanks for showing us the steps..:))

  8. @Panchali...this is not made by me...By Meghana...

  9. Wow this is really good!!!
    Thanks for the tips on how to make them....will be useful:-)

  10. you could take it up as a profession. too good you are :)

  11. Simply mindblowing.
    You are a great teacher and crafter Ranjana and am proud to be associated with you dear.

  12. wow!!! that is really fabulous! thank you for explaining too!

  13. You ladies are so creative. That forest looks perfect. Now if I have to help make something like that, this is the place I'm going to come running to. Great work and thank you so much for sharing it with us, here.

  14. wow this looks so creative ..her son sure must be proud of what mama can come up with.

  15. Thanks for sharing, and for adding the instructions.

  16. This is wonderful - I love the way you've given the impression of the jungle trees!

  17. are so creative, Ranjana. The model looks amazing. Thanks for showing us the steps..:))

  18. An excellent article and well written !! Thanks for sharing.


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