Monday, July 9, 2012

Tipu Sultan Palace - Bangalore

Most of the time, we neglect the monuments which are in the city or place where we reside. Though I wished to visit Tipu Palace,  many times, I could not. My niece who came here during summer vacation , is also interested in visiting old monuments. So we visited, Tipu Palace.
In actual sense, this is not a big palace. Tipu Sultan( Ruler of Mysore), used to address his people here.
This is how it looks from the entrance :

The Palace is built with wooden pillars and arches.

Pillars are very nicely carved:

It has  steps which leads to first floor:

The walls and ceilings are beautifully painted with flower and vine designs. This resembles Mughal design.


And finally , the balcony, from where King used to address his people:
Inside the Palace, few weapons and belongings of Tipu Sultan are kept. I could click Tipu's portrait :

We visited Bangalore Palace also.

Bangalore Palace
I will share about Bangalore palace, in the coming posts. 

Until then
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  1. while going through your post, i clicked on that wiki link and i went from one link to another :)

    that's a beautiful palace. not sure i was aware of that. where exactly is it in Bangalore?

  2. Good to see that it is well maintained.

  3. I have been to this lovely palace , the beautiful pics refreshed those memories , nice post :)

  4. Looks like you are are on a Royal tour. Great pictures !

  5. That is a decent coverage backed by images.

  6. Proud to be a Bangalorean to witness such royal palaces. I actually recently happened to pass this tipu palace and reading this post makes it a next time to do visit.

  7. he he he ...u r ...right ..we usually ignore the places closest to us ...i will surely try and visit tipu's palace this weekend if possible :)

  8. Very nice art work,the paintings look as if the colors are fading,how old is it ?

  9. Nice post and pics.
    I remember seeing this palace long back!

  10. Decades old memories have come alive. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Ranjana

    You are right. We often neglect the ones we love and know the most. And places of historic interest right next door are not visited. I have many such examples.

    Have sen Tipu's Palace in Sreerangapatna but not the one in Bangalore.

    Nice pictures and useful information.

    Great job.


  12. I am also one of those who has lived in Bangalore but has not visited these interesting spots. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Probably should take my kids there sometime when I visit my mom.


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