Monday, November 7, 2011

Deepotsava- Exhibition of lamps

Now it is Kartika maasa( month of Kartika).  In many temples the Deepotsava is celebrated. Thousands of lamps are lit in temples. Lamps are lit in house also.

Few days back, while returning from office, I saw a board  written "Deepotsava",  in front of a shop. Out of curiosity, I entered the shop. I could see lamps everywhere,- terracotta lamps, brass lamps, silver lamps. Terracotta lamps were painted with nice designs.

Here are various types of terracotta lamps:

Here are the lamps arranged in a thali (Plate). The colors like red, yellow,green and gold are used to give the traditional look.  

Here are the multilevel lamps, which are not painted. But still look beautiful.
This has very nice design. A painted fish design behind, with small idols of Ganesha and Laxmi. 
 And here are some lamps made of brass.
Mouse holding the lamps.Right choice to light in front of Ganesha. :-).

 Don't you feel like grabbing at least one for you?


  1. Very nice collections of lamps. Looks so pretty and traditional. Thanks Ranju for sharing such a beautiful collection.

  2. Ranjana,
    BE threads are not available in India.You have to get it from U.S. Cone threads & silk threads are a poor Indian substitute for BE rayon. You can get those in embroidery material shops.

    Thanks for visiting and the good wishes,

  3. Ranjana madam

    Thanks for sharing beautiful collection of Lamps. They are amazing.

    Ranjana madam this is my article on Lamps of India which i shared in my Heritage of India blog. In this message i am sharing several Lamps of India and using the images of several vintage postcards.

    Ranjana madam apart from sharing my collections relating to Indian Heritage and Culture in my blog i am also sharing my knowledge on Indian Heritage and Culture with school and college students by giving seminars to them. Ranjana madam so far i gave 2 seminars to students. Madam please look into my Seminars messages and give your valuable comments for my 2 seminars.


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