Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Navaratri - Dasara

                                                   Happy Navaratri to all my friends. 

I was planning to make some cards for the festive seasons , Navaratri and Deepavali. I thought of finishing this work , by starting of Navaratri. But 3 days back, my mother is hospitalised, in my native place. So could not complete anything.  Now she is  recovering , but I'm worried about her.

Now its auspicious occasion of Navaratri for Hindus. Though its celebrated in every parts of India,with different styles,  Navaratri reminds, Durga puja of West Bengal, Dnadiya of Gujarat and of course Mysore Dasara. I wish all my friends a very happy navaratri.

This card is made using parchment. This is very beautiful and popular paper craft. I'm still practicing this art. There are several mistakes in this card. I'm sending this to my mother. Mother, embraces us forgiving all our mistakes. She will never expect anything from children. Nothing can be compared with her love and affection.

On this auspicious occasion, Praying Maa Durga, mother of Universe to forgive all our sins.

Wishing all my friends, very happy Navaratri. May , Maa Durga ,fulfill all your wishes.


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