Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mural Painting

Its already one month, I could not post anything. Infact I could not spend time on my hobbies. All the orders which I've recieved for screen printing are pending!
Now coming back to this painting : this is a mural painting made almost 1 year back. As I've mentioned in my earlier postings I'm not trained in painting. I have learnt Mural painting from one of my friends. I used the colors whichever she had suggested. I think color combination is good.As it is painting of Rajasthani ladies applying mehandi , we used bright colors and attached small mirros on the lehenga.
I don't say its a great job, but as not a professional painter, I think its ok. What do you say?


  1. Nice painting Mam.. didn't knew that u r such a nice painter..

  2. Pretty painting. Excellent selection of colors.Minute details are very clear and precise.

  3. really nice...
    i came through a sari with mural looks excellent...
    y dont u try it on a fabric ???

  4. Thanks RajiSaj,
    Even I'm thinking of painting a saree.

  5. hi beautiful painting can you provide us with the blue print of the painting and tutorial


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