Monday, August 29, 2016

Handmade artifacts from Dastkar

Dastakar is an NGO which supports crafts people, to promote and sell their products. To support the craft people , Dastkar organizes many events , including exhibitions and sales of handicrafts. This time it was organized in the month of August , in Bangalore. I always try not to miss Dastkar exhibitions, as we get to see and buy  variety of handicrafts and hand-looms.

As  every time , this year also many crafts-people from all over India had exhibited their products. I forgot to take my camera :-( . so sharing about the handmade items I bought from Dastkar. It is really amazing to see the handcrafted unique products there.
Some of the handcrafted items I bought:
1. Phad painting from Rajasthan: Phad painting is a kind of folk and scroll paintings, which is practiced in Rajasthan: 
Phad painting
2. A panel of mirror work from Bijapur(Karnataka). These are made by Banjara community of Karnataka).Thinking of using it to make a small purse
Banjara Mirror work
3.This one is unique. Papers with plock printed and ajrak printed designs on it.I can use it to make Decoupage
Ajrak printed paper

Indigo printed paper
4. Magnetic book mark, with the pictures of Indian paintings and hand-loom .
Magnetic bookmark
5.Hand painted wooden bangles:
Hand painted wooden bangles
5. Jute earrings from West Bengal
Jute earrings
6.Beaded hair clip from Tripura :
Beaded hair Clip
7. Applique duppata from Uttar Pradesh :
Applique Duppata
8.Footwear with Indigo block prints from Rajastan
Indigo printed footwear
All the handicrafts exhibited were very unique, which cannot be found in local market easily. So don't miss Dastkar events in your city next time.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Such brilliant craft works. All the ones you bought are so unique and so exquisitely made. Especially loved the wooden bangles.

  2. Nice things you bought Ranjana. I missed it this year. So I spared few bucks for husband 😂

  3. Wow Ranjana, All of these goodies are so cute & creative. The paper seems unique indeed. I love the wooden painted bangles. Jute earrings are also creative. You select all of the creative goodies seriously. Be sure to take your camera with you next time. Would love to see more :)
    Have a great day!


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