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Kinnala Dolls- looks like dolls with life

Kranataka is always known for its handicraft. Different kinds of crafts are practiced in different parts of the state. Karnataka being always has its own heritage of wooden crafts. The wooden craft practiced in coastal part of Karnataka  is unique. Similarly the wooden toys, Channapattana dolls  are world famous for its cuteness and attractive colors.
Here are  the colorful Channapatna dolls:
Channapatna dolls
Channapattana dolls
 Another kind of dolls made in a small village Koppala of Karnataka, Kinnala dolls. These are also made of wood, but entirely different from Channpatana dolls. Channapatna dolls are cute and looks like dolls, but Kinnala dolls are dolls with life.At first sight you feel these are small human beings:
Kinnala dolls
Kinnala dolls
Kinnala is a small village in Koppala district of Karnataka. Once this place was flourishing centre for crafts.The Kinnala craft dates back to 13th century, during rule of Vijayanagar empire, the craft flourished a lot. Kinnala art was started with painting the wooden plates and murals on the temples. Then craftsmen started making cradles , dolls etc and painting it with beautiful colors.
Very light weight wood is used to make the dolls and after making the parts, the parts are joined using paste made of tamarind seed powder and saw dust. And these are painted with natural colors. Earlier the craftsmen were making human figures:
Kinnala dolls
Human figures - Kinnala dolls
Here are the dolls depicting pooja of a deity:
Kinnala dolls

Now the craftsmen make animal figures too, in the below figures you can see those:
Kinnala dolls

Garuda( Vehicle of Vishnu) and Kamadhenu (An animal in Hindu mythology) are very popular among Kinnala toys:
Kinnala dolls
Doll making art has always fascinated human beings.In Karnataka many celebrate Gombe habba exhibiting the collection of dolls. There are different kinds dolls made of different materials like cloth, wire, sponge , wood etc. 

Recently learnt to make doll from clay. Will share about that in the coming post.

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  1. Beautiful dolls! Such an informative post. Loved reading it !

  2. Those are such beautiful dolls dear..sure to tempt adults along with kids! Very informative post :)

  3. Quite interesting information about Kinnala dolls...awaking for your further post..

  4. Those are some lovely dolls. So full of life. And very interesting to read their history too. You narrated it very adeptly. Looking forward to the post about your dolls. :)

  5. Simply beautiful. I love these dolls. Thanks for sharing Ranju! :) <3

  6. I didn't know this different variety. There is more awareness for Chennapatna dolls.

  7. Haven't heard about this doll.Thanks for sharing.Lovely dolls.looking forward for your post for doll made from clay.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  8. Nice to know about this. Though I had seen them before, I did not know their name.

  9. Thank you for sharing this info. Though I heard about them, I did not know all this. Where can I buy them from? Any address in Bangalore?

    Ms Sharma from

  10. Replies
    1. I guess there are some online shops. You can check with those.


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