Friday, August 23, 2013

Kumkuma Bharani with Kundan Designs

For a long time I haven't shared anything about my collections. Again back to boast about my collections of Kumkuma Bharanis :-). About some Kumkuma Bharani  I have already shared in the previous posts:
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Here are some more :
Kumkuma Bharani

These are made of wood  in different shapes and decorated with  Kundan. I had bought these from a Artisan from Nagpuar.
Here are the closer views:
This one is Peacock design, with a lid and 2 sections :
Kumkuma Bharani
This one is  leaf shaped with three sections. The lid can be slided:
Kumkuma Bharani

The below one is conch shaped, and lid can be slided. This  also has 2 compartments. 
Kumkuma Bharani

All are beautifully decorated with colorful Kundans. My favourite is always peacock shaped one. I'm crazy about peacock designs :-)
Recently saw some scrap metal work. Share about those in the coming post,

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Cute ones.
    Where can you buy them?

  2. They are all beautiful ! Have a great weekend !

  3. Lovely ! you have a very unique collection of Kumkum bharnis

  4. Ranjana i just came to know you have won IB award--heartiest congratulations.It is very well deserved.

  5. Designer pieces. Very artistic.


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