Saturday, August 17, 2013

Award from Indiblogger and me- First time tried 3d quilling

OMG!OMG! I received an award, from Indiblogger (For category Lifestyle/Hobbies) , I never expected this.
My entry to blogosphere was accidental. Before that , I never knew , there is something called blog :-). Searching for some designs I came across some blogs and started my own blog. The journey in blogosphere is really wonderful. Many awesome friends are added to my friends group.
Okay ,Coming back to this award, its really unexpected. After nomination, I had requested some of my friends to recommend , but after that had forgotten about that. I remembered about award, when I received  reminder mail from Indiblogger about the award night. As it was holiday and with the intention of wishing the winners , I was watching the online announcement of the awards. In between that was disturbed by household work,  guests and of course by my son  . When I came back from attending one such disturbance, slowly I could see my blog's name. I could not believe...then I realized its my blog...yipee hoo...award for my blog. I screamed in happiness! One of the happiest moments in my life ....
Indiblogger award

 This blog , I started just to share about my passion and hobbies.I can't write as some of awesome writers in this blogosphere, though I admire and enjoy reading their blogs.
Each post in this blog is about some or other kind of arts and crafts. So in this post also I'm sharing my happiness, through this 3d quilling.

Quilled doll  with a big smile, with trophy (that's me!) is telling "Thank you Indiblogger , my readers and all who have supported me"
3d quilling
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Congrats Ranjana, super happy for you. BTW, can I have this doll and trophy? I am loving it!

  2. Congratulations Ranjana, I am so happy for you. Can I have the doll and trophy, I so loving it...:)

  3. Congrats, this is wonderful news!

  4. Congratulations and loved the doll and the teenie weenie trophy.

  5. I came from Indiblogger awards site..and I'm glad I did.
    This little quilled doll with her trophy is so beautiful. I can understand why you deserve this prize.
    Congratulations Ranjana!

  6. Congrats Ranjana!!! Am so happy for you. Way to go.....

  7. Congrats Ranjana! Way to go !

  8. Congrats Ranjana! Way to go!

  9. Congrats Ranjana, for the award :)

  10. Congratulations.
    Very well deserved.

  11. Congratulations, very well deserved.

  12. Congratulations dear..:-)Very well deserved..:-)

  13. A big Congrats. Very well deserved. I love your blog as you share such a wide variety of crafts!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

  14. Congratulations !! this is an achievement worth cherishing .. :) Glad for you !!! :) Wish your lovely blog all the very very best and your talent me touching newer heights :) God Bless!!

  15. Congratulations !! deserved for the award :)


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