Monday, April 16, 2012

Kalamkari Patchwork on a Saree

In previous post I had mentioned to share about the Kalamkari patch work made on a saree.
Kalamkari is technique of painting on cloth with vegetable dyes. You can find out more about Kalamkari Paintings in this link.
Now these Kalamkari patches are used for dress design and saree design. I had bought some Kalamkari patches , in a Craft exhibition. It was in my stash for long time. Then bought a saree to attach the Patches. It took more than 6 months for me to complete the work.
There is a big Paisley design Patch and 18 small patches. I attached the small patches on the border :

And the big motif on the shoulder:
Some more motifs on the Pallu:
Closer view of the motifs:
I have not used any embellishment on this. Because I wanted to highlight the Kalamkari painting.
Blouse is also Kalamkari cloth in Maroon color.
Planning to use small Paisley motifs on the blouse.
Once blouse is designed, will share the photos. 
In between Screen printed on 3-4 sarees, and this time in vacation visited 2-3 temples. So many crafty experience to share with you!

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Pretty pretty!. Never thought that kalamkari patch work can go so cool on sarees. Loved this.

  2. Love it..I am a fan of paisley design :)

  3. Love it..I am a fan of paisley design :)

  4. your 6 months effort didnt go waste..wonderful kalamkari patch work!!congrats!!

  5. Just one word: Awesome. :)

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