Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Introducing an Artist- Mrinal

Recently could not share anything about my works. Nothing is completed. Making an applique work on saree with Kalamkari designs ,( hope Kalamkari applique work won't go out of fashion , by the time I finish this :-) ) Making some cards using quilling and parchment, for the coming festive season and birthdays, some more  screen printing orders are pending -as usual :-). As promised , I will share about , my experience with arts and crafts, with you, friends, but need some time.

As I've said, in this blog, I will not only share about my work , also my experience with arts and crafts. I will share about my craft Gurus, from whom I've learnt different kinds of arts and crafts; my collection of Kumkuma Bharanis(small container used to store vermilion or sindhoor) and many more craft items etc,etc.

Now I don't want to disappoint you. Introducing a skilled artist. Please see his very simple work (sorry, simple to him, not to me at least :-)) which he completed in 15-20 minutes, on a small piece of paper.

Have a look

I know, unknowingly you said  wow!!! I completely agree with you. Its really amazing.  You  are curious to know about the artist. You can see his signature , Mrinal Chatterjee.
Mrinal, was our team member. I did not know, he is such a good artist. Look at the sketch, its perfect. And its done on a small piece of paper, using a ballpoint pen. Each line is perfect. He took only 15-20 mins to draw this. I was so happy to see this.

Have a closer look :
Look at the lady, carrying the water in the pot, below see her reflection in the water. At the right side, can you see the long trees? everything looks so real!
The boat and boatman:
Mrinal is a painter also. I always wondered , if with a pen he can draw a sketch like this, imagine the magic he will create on canvas,with colours and brush!
I came to know about his art, at the end of his tenure with us. Otherwise I would have learnt something about this art, from him. Hoping to learn in future from him.
Thanks Mrinal!
Friends, I'm planning to frame this or shall I laminate this ? Please suggest. Shortly,I will, definitely share about my works.


  1. Excellent work. Mrinal you are great.

    Thanks Ranjana for sharing this beautiful work with us.

  2. Yes, Vishwanath, He is a great artist....

  3. Thanks a lot ma'am. Thanks for posting it to your blog. It will always be a pleasure to me to upload some more sketches of mine. And off course your arts are amazing and lots of appreciation for maintaining such an amazing blog. Thanks again ma'am i will be pleased to upload my upcoming sketches in your blog.

  4. Thanks Mrinal, Definitely we will upload sketches in this blog...and please give some of your sketches to me also :) and also if possible I would love to learn it from you...

  5. Congrats on showcasing a great artist work.May your tribe increase

  6. WOW indeed! I like to sketch in pencils, but drawing with a ballpoint pen I would find very difficult. These are stunning. We have a lady near where I live who does fabulous pictures using ballpoint pen; her work costs over A$1000 to buy when she has framed them. I would certainly frame your pictures Ranjana - they are too good to just laminate! Does Mrinal sell his work? I would love to own just one of his ballpoint pen sketches.

  7. I will check with Mrinal and share his email id with you.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.I'm honored.


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