Sunday, August 21, 2011

Designing Ilakal saree-Return to screenprinting

This is also an order from one of my friends. This order was pending   from  four months.  Thanks to my friends who give orders and patiently wait for the completion of the design :) .Friday, my friend who had given this order had come to my house , because of which I remembered about this.

This is " Ilakal " Saree, and it looks magnificent if "Kasuti" work is done on this. So, the selection of design was very difficult task. When I had seen this Saree, I had decided to use Red and Gold color on this. With the floral design , the saree would have looked very normal and that also would have spoilt the elegance of the Ilakl Saree.

It took me an hour to decide the design. Thought of going with big round motifs  and rangoli designs . But finally , went with the dancing lady design (This is one of my favourite designs) .
Printed the dancing lady design in Gold color and in between printed floral creeper in red color, on the border . When I finished the border, the pallu looked very simple.So printed the floral design in red and gold color.

 Hope my friend likes this!!

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