Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kalamkari border attached -Saree

I'm designing a saree after a long gap. I have collection of Kalamkari patches and borders. One such set of  patches ,I had attached to a silk cotton saree .Recently added  a black color kalamkari border with elephant design. I'm fan of Kalamkari designs and elephant designs. So both together!
Lovely border here :
Kalamkari border
I tried matching this with  different sarees, but I liked it on a black saree, which I had
and also the thin border in gold , which I attached along with Kalamakari border
It did not take much time for me to attach the border. I just had to keep the  Kalamkari border and the zari border and stitch . So the saree is ready:
The  saree looks like this now :
Kalamkari saree border

Kalamkari saree Pallu

And on my mannequin ( its name is chammak challo :) ) , it looks very nice :
Saree  on Chammak challo
I liked this saree. But I can't wear it on casual day. Waiting for an occasion to wear it :-)
Recently started learning Kalamkari painting on canvas. Soon will share about the same.

Until then,  
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Wow! Looks good!
    Amazing talent you have!

  2. Loving the Kalamkari border, I would have however loved just the Kalamkari border than with the Gold border.

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche

    1. Ya, that would have looked very nice. I will do that in my next saree design

  3. Beautiful ! Such lovely saree. never seen such kalamkari work before... you made it look like a designer saree :)

  4. Wow such a gorgeous saaree..lovely kalamkari work!

  5. Exquisite art work! The sari looks awesome! great work as usual. :)


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