Thursday, December 24, 2015

Handmade Christmas Card-Merry Christmas

I had started my blog with the post of a handmade quilled card. And after that I had made many cards to wish on teacher's day , as my son had asked me to make to wish his teachers .  All were made using quilling.After that I had stopped making cards. Recently started making cards again inspired by many of my blogger friends, who make wonderful cards. The one I made to wish twin  babies was liked by many . And another I made recently is to wish on birthday. In both I have used punch-craft. I'm not so good in paper craft, but in both the cards I tried to express the concept.
Now made a Christmas card,
Handmade Christmas card
Handmade Christmas card

 How I made the Christmas card:

This involved very simple procedure. I love the handmade papers for cards. Here also I have chosen handmade paper in light green. 
Handmade Christmas card
The handmade paper I chose
 And some decorative cloth like paper and some embellishments.This very beautiful cloth like paper in my collection. It is light pink in color, with silver color stars all over.
Cloth like paper
Cut a strip from the cloth like paper and gave it zigzag border shape:
Paper strip
Thin strip of the paper
 Then attached it along the border of the card. And glued  some embellishments which are Christmas Symbols , on the border. I have kept the card theme very mild, so did not add many glittery materials.
Handmade Christmas card
Handmade Christmas card

And then small stars and pearl embellishments :

Handmade Christmas card
With Stars and Pearl embellishments
 And finally  a cute Santa doll. Without Santa how can anyone  celebrate Christmas  :)
Handmade Christmas card
With Santa
May this Christmas bring you happiness , peace , prosperity and of course lots of gifts. :-)
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Happy Christmas
    subbu thatha.

    Can I take this cute Santa doll . I know that my grandkid will be too pleased to see it.

    subbu thatha.

    1. Thank you. Sure I will send. Please send your address to my email id

  2. Lovely card to wish and greet in this festive season

  3. wow..very creative...

  4. Beautiful craftsmanship. Merry Christmas.

  5. What an adorable creation Ranjana...loved the little penguin and the holly leaves and berries
    Dr Sonia


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