Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ikkat - textile of Orissa

I have already written about Gombe habba. I Will write about the same in the next posts too. Recently visited  arts and crafts exhibitions conducted at many places in city. I was busy in visiting these exhibitions, got opportunity to view many forms of arts and crafts . Sure, I will share about all the forms of arts and crafts in the coming posts.  In one of such exhibitions  came across Orissa Sarees( normally called as Odisha Sarees).

Here are those colorful sarees:

Aren't these beautiful?! The geometrical designs on bright colors give special appearance and elegance to the cloth. The geometrical shapes on the cloth is made by special dyeing and weaving mechanism called ikat.

Ikat is a dyeing mechanism making geometrical pattern on cloths. You can read more about ikat here.
This art of dyeing is basically from Indonesia, but now its been woven in India too. This is majorly practiced in Orissa and also in Pochmpally of Andhra Pradesh. The tying of threads before dyeing should be very precise to get the geometrical shape.
The ikat sarees made in  Sambalpuri of Orissa sarees are called Sambalpuri sarees. These are characterized by the special motifs like lotus, creeper, elephant , lion , peacock etc.
Here you can see some of the beautiful motifs:

This saree has brown background with Lotus and Peacock motifs. 
I always love to have different  kinds of sarees in my collection of sarees. I normally buy the different kinds of sarees when I visit the places. Also, when I visit some exhibitions.But nowadays we can buy online too.
Hope this will be helpful to the readers who are interested to collect different artifacts.

In next posts share about the different themes used in Gombe habba I visited.

Until then,
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  1. Wow, yet another lovely post with lots of eyecandy ! Ikat sarees are my favorite and you have put up a lovely collection in this post .:)

  2. So pretty! indian saarhis are popular worldwide because of their fabric and colors :)


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