Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gombe habba with different themes- Festivals

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Hope all of you had lovely Deepavali celebration. Even I :-). Before Deepavali travelled to 4-5 destinations of my interests. Eager to share about my travel experiences with you all. But before that , sharing about Gombe habba with different themes, which I had already written the first part here Gombe Habba with different themes .
In this post sharing about the festive theme created there:
This is complete glimpse all the Hindu festivals, you can see starting from Naga Panchami (which is the first festival of festive season to Deepavali )

The series start from right, the first festival Naga  Panchami.

Next festival is Krishna Janmashtami , here it is . All the practices and rituals followed in Krishna Janmashtami is shown here, even the Prasad. 
Next , Vara Mahalakshmi Vrutha and Swarna Gowri Vratha which are celebrated in South India, by married women:

 Then comes the everyone's favourite festival Ganesh Chaturthi :

 The the Dasara season. All the practices of Dasara celebration are shown with cute dolls.
Devi Pooja:
World famous Mysore Dasara procession:
Then end of festive season, with Makara Sankranti ,
In each arrangement , very small detail like Rangoli etc are depicted perfectly by the artists.I know you are eager to know about the artists who made these arrangements. Definitely I will introduce them to you in my next post .

Until then, 
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Lovely depiction of different festivals in India . The arrangement and the theme of this Gombe habba is beautiful .

  2. Excellent Ranjana. Add a few more lines on the significance of each theme for the benefit of people who are not so familiar. Good work.

  3. The Dasara procession ensemble -- I love it!!
    Nice collection, Ranjana.

  4. Wow! Nicely presented. :)
    Hope you had grand celebrations :)


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