Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Plagiarism- its disgusting !!!

This blog I started to share my experiences and experiments with arts and crafts.  As its about arts and crafts I need many images and photos. To write some of the posts , I wait till I get proper photos. And to write posts about embroidery, dress design , jewel design and other crafts, I personally make some models and capture the photos of those and then write about those. This is the fourth year of my blogging. I have written approximately 147 posts. Out of these 137 posts are copied by another person, without my consent. Today while searching for some information I came to know about this. Really painful, and disgusting!

First I thought of ignoring this, but as one of my blogger friends suggested to write a post about this, at least the blogosphere will come to know about this

Not only posts, the thief has copied my name also to link. Oh My God!....
My blog original link is  :
The copied link :

Also the person has listed nearly 16 blogs in the profile, those must also be copied I guess... No, I'm sure those are also copied from other blogs.

I don't know what to do next, hope my readers, followers and friends would give suggestions.

But I will keep sharing about my experiences with  arts and crafts with you all. Nothing can stop that. :-)

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. First thing you do is send him/her a notice explaining him the details of your ownership over the copied materials and simultaneously asking him / her to get them off his / her blog or in the alternative credit them to your name.

  2. Oh you must be feeling so bad.The funny thing is she has linked to your original blog and made it sound as if both the blogs were owned by you!
    Ranjana you can report it to google they have provisions for this sort of thing and will take the blog down. I have done it when it happened to me and both pinterest and facebook had taken the post down.
    Any other guidance dont hesitate to get in touch.

    1. Thanks Dr. Sonia, I do need your help. Will send an email to you.

  3. This is indeed disgusting.
    May be you can report to Google directly.

  4. That's ridiculous.. It really hurts when someone copies stuff without paying the required credit.. We love to visit your blog and will continue to do so.. just ignore these idiotic people who do such cheap stuff..

  5. Sorry to note that there is a thief at large. I am sure there must be a forum for reporting this crime. Police do take actions against net crimes.First and foremost you start commenting on the plagiarists blogs that what he is doing is incorrect and you can threaten with police action. Also make make sure that all your photographs carry a monogram which cannot be copied.

  6. Terrible when people copy.
    Shows their mental state & desperation & how low they can stoop to pass off others' works as their own.... No conscience.
    'Imitation is the finest form of flattery', but we are not flattered.

  7. That's so bad . I can understand how you must be feeling. Just try raising a complaint with blogger. I am not sure how but just read the policy here

    Once you raise it, I guess they will remove the copied blog.

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  9. This is horrific ! Really ,how shameful to just copy & paste ! Hope,Google settles the issue .

  10. This is so bad. Somebody else taking credit for your work. Best thing you did to share it.


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