Thursday, September 5, 2013

Scrap Metal Art- Creativity in scrap

Scrap metal art is the art  made from scrap. You can know about this art by browsing,  and you will amazed to see how the creativity and imagination take form of art from the scrap metals
Chitrakala Parishat in Bangalore is one of my favorite  art addas. Every time I visit Chitrakala Parishat, I could see scrap metal art. I have captured them and sharing with you.
I guess these are in clockwise direction helicopter, fish, tortoise and a guitar:
A lady and a man. The bicycle chain is used as necklace for the lady :-)

Two other creatures , hen and a buffalo , I guess .:-)
A flying horse ? 
Quarrel  between  a couple, I guess so :-). All married couples will guess same about this I think :-)
Oh, this one is cute, Ganesha ! ?
 Loved  the creativity here. I have interpreted according to my imagination. Eager to know about your interpretation about these.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Now using unused material in doing something creative like this is much appreciated

  2. Yes I agree scrap metal art is very interesting and innovative !

  3. This art is beautiful and is good for nature, atleast no more plastics. Nice pictures, nice post and the best was the way you have signed out. :)

  4. Lovely metal art you have posted. But one of the pictures seems to be that of Sita and Hanuman in Ashokvan on close observation .

    1. Good observations, after reading your comment I felt the same. Thanks for the comment.


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