Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Saree designing with screen printing- For sale

I have designed  many sarees , most of the time according to customer's suggestions. I have used the color combinations they have suggested. This is the one I have used the color combination of my choice .
The saree is fine cotton saree with two shades, Maroon and Green. As the shades have covered half of the length, so I have used big motifs along the border.
The motif I have used is :
The motif has two Apsaras (Angels)dancing and a pair of peacock on top of them. 
The motifs along the border looks like this :

The pallu:
And this has attached blouse, on which I printed paisley design on both the side :

The closer view of the motif on the blouse
 I loved the green and maroon combination. Hope the Gold color motifs good on that, which goes well with Maroon as well as Green, making the saree very traditional.
This is for sale on my FB page :
  Hope you liked the saree. Wearing this a lady will definitely look like an Apsara . What do you say?
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. You are super talented Ranjana!
    Wish you many sales!

  2. Wow ! it`s amazing. The combination , design and the printing all together give the saree a really royal look !!!!

  3. Captivating design ! The saree looks fabulous !

  4. Lovely Design and as Indrani said even I wish you many sales.. :)


    I nominated your blog for liebster award

    check out the questions here

    1. Thank you for your award Priyanjana, soon I will write about the award.

  6. They look so lovely, Ranjana. Recently, I made some designer sarees and held an exhibition. Mine ones were of course, basically based on applique work!! The patterns look lovely...

  7. Lovely designs,
    I've nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award. Please check the following link -


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