Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Antique saree with pure Silver zaree

I often design dresses. I like all the kind of dresses, western as well as Indian.  But my all time favorite is  Saree. I always love to wear saree and design saree. Saree , the six yard magic, truly creates magic on the woman wearing it.

I always wanted to write about different kinds of saree. So starting with this post, writing about this fifty years old Banaras silk saree. This is my mother's wedding saree. She has kept it very carefully. Still it looks very beautiful,and antique also.

Banras Saree  
This is light Blue Banaras silk,  with very beautiful vine design, in Silver , Pink and Maroon. And the whole body has Silver buttas on it.
Pallu is also very elegant, with silver zari weaving and Pink and Maroon flower on it. And the Zari is made of pure Silver.
Antique Banaras Saree

And I have taken promise from her, she will give this saree to me. :)

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. I have one like this (a diff color, of course). I inherited it from my mom-in-law...the zari part gives an antique look--Lovely! Your sari reminds me of that precious sari...
    Very pretty! Waiting for this series now..

  2. I too like Benarasi sarees. I have 3 of them bought during my marriage. I have not seen any other saree that could match the texture of Benarasis. I have kanjeevaram,mysore silk and few more other types, but this always remain on top :) I have Benarasi dresses too. Next to this, I like Chanderi ...hope you will have that in list too :)
    But sad part is that weavers in Benaras are living in utter poverty and many have given up this job due to reduced demand. It seems Taj group or some other luxury hotel groups are trying to rebuild the tradition.

  3. This is so beautiful and elegant, I love the saree. It is a treasure, so priceless... the sentiments of your mother reflect in it. Really, nothing can beat the things elders lovingly cherish from their years.

  4. Hi Ranjana... You have worked on so many crafts... nice blog..

  5. My mom too had 2-3 Beanres sils with her, One she had was similar colur. Good post..

  6. This saree is so pretty and the border is just fabulous.
    I have many Banarasi sarees but alas where to wear them--they are so heavy & gorgeous.

  7. The blue color is unique and pleasing to eyes . Fifty year saree preserved . hats off.

    Travel India

  8. Beautiful, anyone will be delighted to wear this.

  9. Beautiful, even I took one saree from my mom but made cushions out of it. I regret it later.

  10. Lovely saree Ranjana . it`s really great that your mother has preserved this saree so well as this beautiful art is slowly dieing out . Now neither do you find such intricate designs being made , nor is the quality of material that was used in earlier days available.
    looking forward to other posts in this series !

  11. That's a gorgeous saree. The colour and design is lovely too. Lucky you. :) Enjoy it.

  12. Hello....

    Good post for the saree in design about the pure silver saree is good and wonderful for the collation for the saree.


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