Sunday, August 12, 2012

A shop in Gudigargalli- Ananta Fine Arts- Heaven for Handicraft lovers

In my previous post you have read about Gudigargalli - A street of handicrafts.
Gudigaragalli- Street of Handicrafts
A visit to a handicraft shop in Gudigaragalli

Ananta Fine Arts is another shop in Gudigargalli, which really paradise for Handicraft lovers. If you don't visit this shop, in Gudigargalli, then your visit is incomplete.
During my school days, we used to cross  this shop, while going to school. Everyday, I used to peep inside, to have the look of magnificent world of handicraft. I enjoyed the view of statues of all Gods and Goddesses , which looked like Durbar of Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, Krishna, Rama , Sita etc. This is a part of my sweet childhood memories!
I wanted to write about this shop and the artists. But could not get proper photos. I requested one of the artists and shop owner Mr. Dinesh Shet. He shared the photos of the sculptures. So sharing the same with you. I'm sure glimpses will take you to world of art.
This is the shop:

Some of the wooden Mantaps :
Carvings are very beautiful

The lovely peacock on both the sides !

Divine Idols

They are the best when it comes to making of Chariots, stone sculptures and clay sculptures.
I will share about those in my next post.

Until then ,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Nice post Ranjana. The wooden mantaps and carvings of deities are marvelous.

  2. The artifacts look so rich...some of them are probably antiques! costlier...:))
    Very nice blog, Ranjana.

  3. I have been glancing at your blog posts - I am sure,I want to visit all these places, which you mention in your blog posts !

    Your blog post is doing agreat service - making all aware of our rich & varied handicrafts.

  4. Hi Ranjana

    Obviously crafts and garments are your forte and you do a great job presenting them

  5. fantastic ,awesome :) :)

  6. You should come to Dilli Haat. You'd love it.

  7. You should come to Dilli Haat. You'd love it.

  8. Madam,

    I am sharing an award with you.


    Kindly accept it.


  9. You and Your website seem very yummy!!! I love chocolate!
    Technology, Free Software and Best Tutorial
    your blog is good! I'll visit again :)
    God Bless You

  10. Wow!! Indeed a heaven for handicraft lovers!! The idols are awesome!!

  11. Congratulationssssss for getting AWARD From VAI.GOPALAKRISHNAN SIR..


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