Friday, May 11, 2012

We three met after fifteen years

We were always in contact through mails and used to talk with one another over phone. I met Naga many times and Archu too, but separately .After  15 years we stayed together for 3days., enjoyed , remembered our college days. Who are they ?!! They are my dear friends, we stayed together during our college days! Yes, we were room-mates. (Not only room-mates,  also we are from the same place-Kumta) Those who have stayed in hostel ,will understand the togetherness of room mates. During stay in hostel room mates are everything, friends, sister and sometime parents. Such a sweet relationship!We  shared everything , happiness, sorrows, dress , roti , rice, tea.... the list is endless. Laughed together  , sometimes fought with one another, then compromised , consoled  ..... Lovely moments... can't forget!

After 15 years we again met. Archu and I decided to visit  Hyderabad to meet Naga. It was a quick decision, booked the tickets for the weekend. We were excited to meet Naga.  Naga always likes saree. So thought of giving her a saree.
 Designed this saree for her,
Blue soft silk-like material,
Printed  it with big and small  paisley motifs in Gold color on borders:
and small motifs on the upper border
Attached small ready made buttees on the Pallu
Naga liked the saree very much.  So I felt ,my efforts were rewarded!

We enjoyed a lot during our stay together in Hyderabad. Remembered our college days, our stay in hostel, shared about the happy moments of our life, discussed about the wishes which are fulfilled, consoled one another on shattered dreams in life, of course visited lots of places in Hyderabad. I can say, relived the hostel days again, but one thing we missed- The controlling hostel warden! :-)

We three with our little ones (Archu, Naga and me)
Happy moments clicked

Next time planning to meet in Bangalore, eagerly waiting for that moment.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Looks like you three had a blast in Hyd. Can understand what happens when you meet after such a long gap. And 3 days is totally inadequate for sharing every detail of your lives:).The blue sari is spectacular & superb.

  2. Thats great to know you met them after a long time..really nice experience..:-)Hope u had loads of fun..:-)

  3. Good that you guys planned and made it happen....Moments with such friends are bliss and pretty saree :D

  4. How nice..& great to see you dear..
    what a sweet family ..
    Have fun together :)


    Thank you

  6. ohh how nice .. so u three are really charged rite....

  7. iI can realise the happiness from three of your face. The saree you selected is very fine in colour and motifs are nice.
    Thankyou Ranjana for visiting my blog and wishing me recover fast. Thanks.


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