Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kumkuma Bharani- with Peacock design

I've shared about my collection of Kumkuma Bharanis( Container to store Vermilion) in previous posts:
My collection of Kumkuma Baharanis
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Paper Mache Kumkuma Bharanis

One of my friends,  gave me a Kumkuma Bharani-made of paper mache , which she bought from Kashmir. My collection is increased :-)
Here it is:

I have some Kumkuma Bharanis, with Peacock design. The below one is made of Silver, with Peacock shaped handle on it.

Another Peacock shaped Kumkuma Bharani. This is also made of metal, and painted with blue color.
And it can be opened by sliding the upper part. It has 2 compartments, for Haldi( Turmeric powder) and Kumkuma( Vermilion ).
The below one, I like the most. It has very nice design with Kundan attached . This I had bought from a craftsman from Nagpur( Maharastra)
It has a lid and two compartments.
The next one is wooden , in Peacock shape. 
It has sliding lid and two compartments.

                Aren't these worth collecting?
I have completed Kutch work on salwar top, tatted some motifs , enthusiastic  to take you through a craft street many more to share with you in coming posts. 

-Until then
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. wonderful collection..
    looking forward to your work

  2. Beautiful collection ! And you have maintained the silverware impeccably. Secret ?

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Let's enjoy some more:)

  4. You have a very nice collection..:-)They are really beautiful...:-)

  5. These are truly exquisite! What a lovely collection. I had not seen your earlier posts on these, but had to take a look after seeing these.

  6. what a lovely collection you have !

  7. Amazing works! The peacock design is very beautiful and interesting. Saw the other three posts on Kumkuma Bharanis also. They are also very nice :)

  8. Splendid and spectacular collections !

  9. ofcourse its a treasure..nice collections..awaiting your next posts..owitheiv

  10. nice unique hobby:) thanks for sharing!

  11. I am so happy to come across your craft blog...this is much needed activity for men and women both, that gives way for constructive creativity, than watching TV/IPL games etc. that ends up in passive entertainment. Wonderful Work!

  12. Thank you all.
    I have some more, I will share about those in coming posts.


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