Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ceramic work on pot

This is my first attempt of ceramic work on pot.  Sand is used to give the rough texture on the pot. Bouquet is made by ceramic dough.
 I used blue as base color, because it is my favourite color  :) , and combination of gold, silver and bronze for the flowers.


  1. YOur ceramic work is lovely --the blue background offsets the delicate flowers so prettily

  2. Thanks a lot Dr. Sonia. While making this, I did not analyse too much. Just went on applying whatever color I liked :-)

  3. HI, came to know you through indiblogger . and right now viewing your ceramic work :) its really beautiful and yr artistic skills has made the ceramic more lively.. I too love to paint ceramic pots and to make designs with ceramic powder.I would like to know how you manage ceramic on aluminium plate. does it get stick on metal surface easily? please do share your expertise.

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