Friday, August 19, 2016

Handmade Rakhis

 I was supposed to post about handmade Rakhee, before Raksha Bandhan.It got delayed because I was attending a workshop to learn a different craft.

 Raksha Bandhan is festival in India to celebrate bondage between brother and sister. All the Indians know about this.Lots of Rakhis are available in market , I prefer to send handmade Rakhis, but everytime due to lack of time , end up sending Rakhis which are bought from market. Few years ago I had made Rakhis using quilling stripsThose were liked by all my brothers. 

This year learnt another craft, polymer clay jewellery making. Thought of making , Rakhis using polymer clay. I'm just learning this craft, so these have not come out nicely. :(
handmade Rakhis
Rakhis made using Polymer clay
Will make better ones next time.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saree Design -With Kalamkari border again

I never get contended with collecting and designing with  traditional paintings of India. Kalmakari is one such art. I have kalmkari patches, kalamkari borders, kalamkari duppata, kalamkari saree , kalamkari hand block printed clothes etc. Still whenever I see clothes with kalamkari art, I end up buying that. :-). I have designed 3-4 sarees using kalamkari patches. First one was with Paisley designs , and recently designed some sarees with Kalamkari border for my customers.

Another saree with blue silk material and Kalamkari border was designed with a zari border. If I use zari border and cloth with zari motifs, I can't wear it on casual day. So this time designed Kalamkari saree without zari, so that I can wear it anytime , any day :-).
Here it is :
Kalamkari saree
Kalamkari saree

I chose a beautiful Kalamkari border with peacock design, in light green color. Here is the Kalamkari border:
Kalamkari saree
Kalamkari border

I was searching for a right cloth for this border. I could have chosen dark green or pink. But decided to avoid dark colors this time. So selected pastel color . As the border has pink color too, I chose pink color as contrast. For the pink color , I used the cloth from my mother's old silk saree.
Here are the materials I used :
Kalamkari saree
The materials chosen

Attached the kalamkari patch as border along the saree, contrasting it on both the sides with small strip of pink silk cloth.
Kalamkari saree
Kalamkari saree

The pink silk saree cloth is remaining . So I will use it for the blouse. Though it has some glossy silk look, but I can wear it on casual day too. Or shall I choose a blouse in cotton for this?

Designing dress with  Kutchwork, learning some more forms of crafts. Eager to share my experiments and experiences with arts and crafts with you.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Madhubani painting on wooden box- Tutorial

In the process of organizing and decorating my craft room, I'm making many hand crafted items. Already I have shared  about the wooden boxes painted. One box with Warli design and and another with decoupage.

About Madhubani art I have written in one of my posts,Madhubani Art( Mithila Art) -Art from an ancient city .I have been wanting to learn Madhubani art. But never got an opportunity to learn it from a professional. Still my search is on for a professional Madhubani artist to learn this beautiful art. Thought of trying this art , by painting it on a wooden box. I searched many tutorials online, and tried to paint. This is my first attempt in Madhubani art.

Here it is :
Madhubani art

Tutorial to paint on wooden box:

First step is to paint the wooden box with wood primer. You can use acrylic white color too.After the application of  primer wait for 4-5 hours so that it dries completely. Then apply white acrylic color.I have mixed a drop of yellow color, to make it look like a handmade paper. :)
Madhubani art
Wooden box with after first layer of paint applied

How to transfer the design :

The tedious task is to transfer the design, may it be embroidery or painting. If you can draw , it is  good. If you can't then the design should be transferred. There are many techniques to transfer design.I used pencil scribbling method. Here are the steps of the method:

1. On the wrong side of the design page , scribble with 2B pencil. 
transfering design
Scribble on the wrong side of the design

2. Now keep it on the surface where the design has to be transferred and draw lines of the design with sharp pencil.
Madhubani art
Draw on the design
The design will be transferred on the surface:
Madhubani art
Design transferred on the surface
I prefer this method over using carbon papers to transfer designs , as carbon papers leave black patches sometimes.
After design transferred, paint it with the required color. In Madhubani art the major colors used are  red, yellow, green and black.
Here it is after painting:
Madhubani painting
Madhubani art on wooden box
There may be many mistakes in the first attempt.
Hope soon I will find a Guru , from whom I can learn this traditional art :)

Planning to design a saree with Madhubani designs. Will share the saree design soon with you.

Until then,

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

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