Sunday, February 28, 2016

Saree blouse design- Kamalkari embroidery

For me always saree is the most beautiful outfit. Saree coupled with properly designed blouse will make saree look more attractive. Nowadays there are several saree blouse patterns available. Normally the saree blouse is designed with either with embroidery, painting on back neckline etc.
I designed this blouse for the Dakkai Jamdani saree , I have.
The saree has geometrical and floral design weaving on it, with black background. I thought of embroidering geometrical designs on the back neckline.

Here is the saree:
As it has floral designs also, then changed my decision to combine both geometrical and floral design. The best one is Kamalkari embroidery, which looks like geometrical flowers :)
 Then what else can stop, just traced the design along back neckline and embroidered with Kamalkari. This took very less time, as Kamalkari threads are thick and filling is easier.
Here is the completed design:
Closer view of the embroidery:
Kamalkari embroidery can also be used for dresses and Kurtis.Its very easy to embroider with Kamalkari. Will share tutorial and some more designs in coming posts.

Until then,

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  1. nice style
    I love it so much...
    Really enjoy visiting your blog

    baju batik

  2. superb indeed.
    meenakshi paatti.

  3. Very nice. I like this Kamal kadai st very much. I have done some projects with this stitch. It's very pretty.

  4. Your work is always inspiring, good that you post these works!

  5. Nicely done Ranjana. However one small suggestion, if you had done flowers in both red and white along with blue it would have been perfect. Also could you please share how did you trace the design to the stiched blouse?

  6. The sari looks gorgeous and the blouse is a very nice match. Lovely design! :)

  7. Nice design.Creative idea very interesting more are in our redcent.Arts and Crafts deals at Parramatta

  8. Looks beautiful. I like some design on a blouse. It adds spice to the outfit.

  9. Super lovely indeed
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  10. Thanks for the recommendation to live the life to the fullest! I guess it can be fulfilled under one condition - to do good for others as YOU do when make new posts! :) We at do my essay today are very grateful for inspirational posts!


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