Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Motifs and designs used in Banarasi silk

In the previous post I have already shared about Banarasi silk.  In Banarasi silk designs the motifs add to the beauty of the delicate silk. Normally Banarasi silk is bright colored and plenty of Zari is used in weaving.  The motifs and designs are influenced by Mughal designs.
The use of plenty of zari gives  it very luxurious brocade look:
Paisley designs woven in a creeper and net style
The sarees are either plain with heavy zari border , or with buttas( motifs) all over the saree. The borders cantain bel (creeper designs), and the pallu jal (latticework)
Here in this saree you can see the creeper design at the border and the heavy zari work on the Pallu.
 This one is red saree with creeper design all over the saree, and floral motifs on the Pallu.

The motifs are geometrical, floral , animals or birds.Banras weavers have extended their designs and styles so that it caters to the needs of all.
Some are plain with heavy borders, like this one here: 
This one is very bright magenta color with heavy border ,pallu, and butta(small motifs) all over the saree:
Banaras saree

And this one is very nice color with silver zari. This is very special design, as half of the saree has diagonally decorated creeper designs, with beautiful paisley designs  in between the creeper designs. This is also called as Adha Patli.
No wonder, these designs, colors , patterns and richeness make the these beautiful sarees " Dream of every Saree loving woman".:-)

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  1. I have one banarasi sari but I haven't even touched it. I love silk and may be one day I will wear it.

  2. Wow so pretty. I love Banarasi sarees. I have a few from my mom's wedding trousseau from almost 46 years ago and they are still so gorgeous.

  3. These are such gorgeous sarees. I wonder why nobody wears them, that includes me too :P

  4. i want to purschase 2nd last banarasi saree


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