Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is it Ikebana?

Recently I visited Bodh Gaya temple. Its a pilgrimage place of Buddhists.  When I visited Bodh Gaya  , I could see  many disciples from all over the world. In that some devotees from Japan, were meditating in front of the Maha Bodhi Tree( where Budha attained enlightenment). Though they were in a group of 25-30, it was very calm there. What attracted me, was the flower arrangement made there.
Here are the closer view of the flower arrngement:
The combination of  Orange flowers with Green leaves was eye catching :
You can see the white buds on the tip of the artistically arranged leaves. Here is the close view :
From side also it was looking very beautiful, like temple.
This was the flower arrangement made behind Maha Bodhi tree:
Isn't this flower arrangement very unique? I don't have knowledge of Ikebana ( Japanese art of flower arrangements) ,as there were many Japanese pilgrims meditating there at that moment, I thought it must be Ikebana. 
Is it Ikebana?Anyone of you know about this kind of flower arrangement ?
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  1. WOW Sure is a stunning work of art. Thank you for sharing
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  2. So different and yet so beautiful, surely there is no shortage of talent in our country.

  3. Incredible art work, though I am not sure if it is Ikebana. Great pics.

  4. I'm fairly sure it is not Ikebana - I don't know a lot about Japanese art, but everything I've seen or read about Ikebana, says its very simple designs, meant to give the impression of how a flower could grow in nature . . . . that's too "artistic" and sculptural to be "growing in nature." But the way those leaves are rolled, with the buds at the ends, and formed into a formal tree . . . it's beautiful. I'm glad you showed it to us!

  5. I'm fairly sure it is not Ikebana. The trees are so regular and symmetrical, and the rolled leaves with the buds are so "artistic" and sculptural . . . I don't know a lot about Ikebana, but it's supposed to give an impression of nature simplified.
    But, Ikebana or not, these are beautiful, I'm glad you showed them to us! And I'd like to have or make one of the tall trees in the yellow block or pot, as an ornament at my front door!

  6. This is a beautiful . It resembles the floral art practiced in Thailand . Most Asian countries offer flowers as offerings to the Gods and each asian country has a lot of similarity , yet a uniqueness that continues through generations .

  7. Really unique and so very pretty!!


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