Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wood carvings on ceiling of a temple

This is the temple I have been visiting since years ,which is in our native place Kumta. In fact everybody in Kumta, know about this temple "Shri Shantika Parameshwari Devi". This is "Grama Devate" of Kumta (In Karnataka most of the villages and towns have temples , which is called Grama Devate- Diety which protects a village or place). 

This   is very near to my parent's house ( before marriage my house :-)). As I've  told , I've been visiting this temple from my childhood. Everyday when I was going to school I used to visit this temple. Prayed "N" numbers of times in front of the deity( while going to school most of the time it was for getting good marks:-)). Whoever crosses this temple , though in hurry, stops for a minute bows to this temple from outside and then moves. I've seen  my mother always saying "Taayi Shantika Parameshwari , Kaapaadu" (Oh mother, Shantika Parameshwari , Protect us). Most of the Kumta residents have strong faith in Shantika Parameshwari.

Every-time, I go to my native place, I visit this temple, in spite of tight schedule. This time also I visited.
It was already night; So the photo is not so clear.(I'm not good in photography, I don't know most of the functionalities of my camera. One thing I know to click the photo, that's all:-)
Shri Shantika Parameshwari Temple- Kumta
The entrance of the temple:

When I entered the temple, I noticed a major change in the temple. The ceiling is completely covered with wood carvings. Unknowingly I said "WOW, beautiful!".


Small and big motifs are carved to give magnificent look. Here are closer view of some carvings 

See the below motif, 
in which the carvings are so intricate and can you see the beautiful wooden bells hanging? 
And the panels in front of the Garbhagudi  have carvings of AshtaLakshmi (Eight forms of Lakshmi- a Hindu deity)

And now " Shri Shantika Parameshwari " protecting her devotees ; 

Shri Shantika Parameshwari with Alankara

As usual I prayed " Taayi Shantika Parameshwari, Kaapadu" (Oh mother, Shantika Parameshwari , Protect us). 

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. nice work !! keep going !!
    and also thanks for posting our ceiling work in your blog.I appreciate it . The ceiling work is designed and carved by Mahalasa Kala kendra ,Gudigar galli , Kumta

  2. marvelous work indeed!

    glad you could take the picture of the deity!

  3. I understand there's Shree Kannika Parameshwari temple in Kumta too. How significant is this Goddess in the lives of people of Kumta?


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