Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kutchwork on Salwar Top

I had been to Belgaum(a city in Karnataka), in 2009. This is the place,where I studied, stayed  for four years. This city brings me lots of memories-good, bad and ugly.....Sometimes I feel there shall be some technique to wipe out memories, whichever we don't want.... :-).Not possible:-( Right?  Leave it.....
When I had been to Belgaum , I had bought this salwar suit. (Got it stitched, long back. It was waiting for its turn to get embroidered. At last its turn came :-) )

This is plain salwar , so thought of embroidering. First thought to use combination of tatted motifs and hand embroidery. Somehow didn't like, so dropped the idea. Went ahead with Kutch work embroidery. I love Kutchwork embroidery , as it is colorful.
Kutchwork is form of embroidery, which is practised in Kutch region ( Gujarat,India). Mainly consists of interlacing stitch and mirror work. While collecting information about this embroidery, I found its very similar to Armenian embroidery ( Armenia is a country, near Turkey). Very interesting, isn't it?
I embroidered border and motifs, with Black and White colored threads
Here it is:

Closer view of the border

And the motifs:


With the Duppatta and the bottom , the final look of the Salwar:

Hope I have made the right choice by selecting Kutchwork for this Salwar. What do you say?

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Hi Ranjana,

    Nice work, I loved the finishing of your owkr, looks pro. I have yet to learn this stitch from my mum...

  2. Beautiful work on the kameez!!RO

  3. Very Good , very good ..
    which is the work at neck part ???

  4. wow, that's a beautiful embroidery :)

  5. Thank you all.
    @Akshaya Borkar : Learn it. Its really fun to work with this stitch.
    @ RajiSaj: This is a neck pattern made by the tailor.

  6. Lovely work Ranjana..I am also doing on a Salwar top. Will post it when I finish.

  7. Beautiful Ranjana. I like the neck part. Can we see the close up if possible.?


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